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Truck Panels

The technical requirements for refrigerated truck bodies are defined by regulations and by economic considerations, which include the resale value of a vehicle.
To be cost effective, refrigerated truck bodies must be insulated effectively whilst also being lightweight and built with highly durable materials to last for decades. By choosing Styrofoam as a core material it is possible to satisfy those requirements. Panels with Styrofoam core material have been used in the manufacture of floors, walls and roofs of refrigerated truck bodies for more than 25 years with proven success.

Styrofoam RTM, Styrofoam LBX and HD300X  are designed to meet the needs of the refrigerated truck market. All products are produced in a range of thickness to meet the needs of the specific application.
Panel Systems offers a comprehensive fabrication service to provide complete kits and/or components for the production of truck panels.
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