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Hot-Wire Styrofoam Cutting

Panel Systems has one of the largest specialist fabrication units for the hot-wire cutting of Styrofoam in Europe. Hot-wire cutting facilities include large volume and small batch capability. Blocks and/or sheets can be cut to a thickness of 5mm and by 0.5mm increments to around 150mm.

Our purchasing power enables us to source an extensive range of fabrication blocks from Dow with lengths up to 3025mm, widths up to 1200mm and thickness up to 165mm. This ensures that the customer is able to achieve his required sheet size with the minimum of waste. The hot-wire cut surface of Styrofoam is ideal for the application of adhesives and is fully compatible with metals, plastics, and timber based products for bonding purposes. For pricing information please contact our sales office on 0114 249 5635.

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